GENII ECU Re-Flash For Kawasaki 2012 ZX14R

GENII ECU Re-Flash For Kawasaki 2012 ZX14R

1.    Allows Traction Control Mode to be adjusted/turned off ‘on the fly’.

2.    Allows the last selected Traction Control Mode to be retained after the bike is shut off, thereby eliminating the need to remember to turn it off before your next pass.

3.    Overrides the ‘Safety Mode’ with the flies installed. (Eliminates small peak power loss experienced from removal of the flies.)

4.     Allows throttle plates to fully open at 3200 RPM in High Power modes with flies installed. (Low Power modes operate normally.)

5.     Reduces “decel pop”. An additional internal mod was engineered to cut down on what small amount of decel pop remained after installing our PAIR cap.

6.     Eliminates Internal Fuel Cut for smoother open/shut throttle operation at higher RPMs.

7.     New modification to allow consistent selection of internal maps located in ECU.

Note: This flash will work with the Euro Spec. ECU with no ill effects on the ABS or O2 sensor function, although we do suggest the addition of Dynojets (O2) Oxygen Optimizer.

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Money Back Guarantee

ECU Reflashing GuaranteeWe are so confident that you will be happy with our ECU modification that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the performance gains from your re-flash, we will refund the cost of the service. To qualify for the money-back guarantee, you will need to have a dyno graph of your bike with HP, torque, and A/F before and after the ECU was tuned. Provide us with that and we will flash your ECU back to stock and refund your money; it’s that simple.

Did you know...

We can re-flash Honda ECU’s! For only 449.00 we can re-lash your CBR600RR or CBR1000RR. This is a hard-wire adjustment, so we will require a minimum of 4-6 weeks. this is a fantastic tune that give some really good mid-range and top-end power!